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Far East Global Group Was Awarded the “Green Office” Label by World Green Organization for the Third Year

Source:Administration Department    Date:2018.11.20
On November 19, 2017, Far East Global Group (refer as FEGG) was awarded the “Green Office” label by World Green Organization’s Green Office Award Labelling Scheme (GOALS) for the third year. Since the company has been putting efforts on a healthy workspace, FEGG was awarded the “Eco-Healthy Workplace” label at the same time. During the assessment, FEGG has successfully passed the onsite check ups and reached above standards for over 30 requirements among 9 categories and 150 requirements. Those 9 categories include: energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction, paper reduction, eco-friendly procurement, hi-tech usage and disposal, transportation, education, and go-green innovation. FEGG has been participating in social responsibilities from corporate governance to daily operations; to build an eco-friendly workspace and community through rules and regulations implementation, go green proposals, suggestion, and activities organization. Let us all work together on carbon reduction, waste contraction and build an ecological place to live together!

Administration Department November 20, 2017

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