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Far East Global Group Limited was Awarded the “Corporate Social Responsibility Award”

Source:Administration Department    Date:2018.07.20
On July 18, 2018, Far East Global Group Limited (refer as FEGG) was awarded the “Corporate Social Responsibility Award” which was organized by The Mirror for consecutive seven years. The award is a recognition for FEGG’s reasonabilities to the shareholders, promises to the clients, caring to the employees, contribution to the community and consideration to the environment. Mr. Raymond Ho, Senior Vice President of FEGG, attended to the awarding ceremony.
This awarding event which The Mirror held was a non-profit program. Its intention was to evaluate corporates which have been contributing to the community and social development, to raise awareness for them in the international community, to help corporates build up better communication platform and promote positive corporate image. At the same time, to carry out ideas of corporate social responsibilities to encourage more corporates participate in sustainable development. As a listed company, FEGG has been creating values for all stakeholders, such as: employees, clients, shareholders, investors and even the community. This award was definitely a high recognition of FEGG’s years of contribution to the social responsibility, the company will keep our participation as a long-term promise to the community and provide better support to its healthy, peaceful and sustainable development.
Administration Department July 20, 2018
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