CSCEC’s Corporate Culture

What does the Credo of CSCEC means to us?

Credo of CSCEC outlines the Company’s core values and beliefs and reflects its mission and relationship with stakeholders. It is the guideline for every CSCEC employee’s conduct.
How we have been this far?
Cultural History
Why are we here? For whom?
Corporate Mission
Expanding a Happy Living Environment
  • Satisfying Our Customers
  • Helping Employees Achieve Success
  • Delivering to Shareholders
  • Benefiting Society
Where we are heading?
Corporate Vision
Winning to be the most internationally competitive construction and real estate enterprise group
A strategic approach to achieve corporate vision
  • Specialization
  • Regionalization
  • Standardization
  • Informatization
  • Globalization
What principles do we believe and pursue?
Core Values
  • 品質保障
  • 價值創造
What attitude should we bring to work?
Corporate Spirit
Having Faith in Our Commitments
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