Social Responsibilities
  • Community Care
    FEGG Actively Supports the Walk for Millions
    FEGG, our parent company, COHL and CSCI have always been supporting community services, more than 400 employees and their families joint his event, to raise fund for local family and children welfare organizations. The Chief Executive of Hong Kong also attended to the event and host the opening ceremony.
    FEGG Works with Social Welfare Organizations
    FEGG Headquarter donated 830 pieces of clothing to the Community Donation and Material Reserve Center (refer as CDMRC) under the Shenzhen Nanshan’s Civic Center and had a meeting for further collaborations. The CDMRC awarded a flag to us to appreciate our care to the public welfare.
  • Employee Care
    FEGG Holds "Company Day" Series of Activities
    FEGG’s stock code 830 as “Company Day” for all FEGG employees. To continue this annual Company Day’s tradition and to present FEGG’s positive attitude, FEGG held "Company Day" series of activities.
    FEGG Holds “FE Table Tennis Championship”
    “Far East Table Tennis Championship” was held in Shanghai. This event was organized by FEGG’s Administration Department and undertook by subsidiary Netfortune (Shanghai), with the aim to enhance our corporate culture’s healthy and multiple development, build a communication platform for subsidiaries.
  • Environmental Care
    FEGG Participates in Environmental Care Events
    Our parent company, COHL, suggested a “Low Carbon Life, Lease Resource Disposal” goal and held a “Healthy Workspace Lecture and Plant Terrarium Workshop”. As a listed subsidiary of COHL, FEGG actively participated in this event.
    COHL Environmental Protection Month
    For the sake of involving in the World Environment Day and responding to “COHL Environmental Protection Month” activity arrangement, FEGG organized an Eco-Friendly Homemade Cleaner Workshop that employees could look after their skin and prevent pollutions.
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