Curtain Wall Business

Application of the BIM Software

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a 3D model with various data generated by projects, through design software (AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Inventor and Rhino) to present digital information of the buildings. FEGG, taking technology innovation as core competence, has set up R&D committee to solve complicated design problems and research on BIM’s application in the curtain wall business. In the Chow Tai Fok (Tianjin, China) project, we applied BIM in building up and analyzing conceptual models, approximate geometric models, accurate geometric models, manufacturing models, completion models and successfully completed the 3D curved wall’s design. Besides, we used 3D laser scanner for inverse onsite models and compared with ideal BIM models to adjust onsite components.

R&D in Curtain Wall New Technology

As the concept of low-carbon sweeps across the world nowadays, FEGG devotes to apply technical and environmental elements to photoelectric curtain wall, electrochromic curtain wall, flameproof curtain wall and respiratory curtain wall, etc.
Photoelectric Curtain Wall
Photoelectric Curtain Wall, a newly developed curtain wall with photovoltaic technology, reinforces the solar panels in unit frames through series-parallel connection so as to formulate a completed solar photovoltaic power generation system. It supplies electricity to the construction through series of environmental-friendly ways, including absorption, transformation, energy preservation and variation of voltage of sunlight. We research on photovoltaic cell, integrated circuit, rectifier and equipment installation and have obtained the intellectual property rights on “Solar Thermal Glass Curtain Wall” patent.
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